Payday loan without proof of income



When money is tight and bills pile up, it is sometimes advisable to take out a loan. but not always that is easy and in some cases even impossible. Who wants to receive a payday loan without proof of income, faces an almost insoluble problem.

Why it’s so hard to get a payday loan without proof of income


The income is an important factor in the awarding of a payday loan without proof of income. Without income, the bank can not be sure that a loan can be repaid. If you have no income, you will not have any money left over for monthly installments. Therefore, many banks reject such a loan. Housewives and students are particularly affected because they often have no income. Nevertheless, there is a chance to get a loan anyway.

First, a Dispo can be selected. If this is very low, then the bank can decide for the borrower. If no income can be proven, a payday loan without proof of income may also be raised if appropriate collateral is provided. If the loan seeker is able to find a person who vouches for the loan, the bank should approve an application.

A guarantor may be the spouse or a parent. The bank is relatively unimportant, the main thing the guarantor has a fixed income. This must be present, because at least one must be able to prove a regular income. However, it is also possible to override the bank’s term life insurance. If the loan really can not be repaid, the repurchase value of the insurance goes to the bank.

Is it possible to borrow on the internet?

Is it possible to borrow on the internet?

An alternative to a loan from the bank would be a personal loan. Loch There are two Girls. Either a person in the private environment is sought, who can give such a personal loan or a private lender is sought. Such private lenders work on the internet and lend their money. For example, a payday loan without proof of income would be possible, but the customer has to expect higher credit installments.

The private lender takes a risk when he lends a cash loan without examining the income situation. This risk is associated with high interest rates that the borrower must pay. To not have to pay quite so much, a comparison can help. This is offered on the Internet on various platforms and only takes a few minutes and a few details that need to be made.

After such a credit comparison, the customer sees immediately who has the best conditions. > But it should be looked at more closely. Not infrequently, there are many dubious providers here. Especially if the interest rates are simply too high or the lender wants to sell an insurance policy, you should take care. Costs should never appear at reputable providers and certainly not an expensive insurance, which should be completed in advance.

Not infrequently, a contract for insurance is then signed, but a loan will not follow thereafter. Only a combination of both, if both can be signed at the same time, can be considered reputable. From a life insurance the customer will come out with difficulty again. Especially for small amounts, which move in the context of a small loan, such an insurance is worth in no case.


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