Payday loan without proof of salary

Many borrowers have a problem. Although they have a good credit rating, they can not properly prove this due to missing or incomplete documentation. Mostly it is stuck in relation to salary certificates, which are not properly repealed or which are not regularly distributed by the employer.

Especially the latter happens quite often when employers and employees are not to be found in the same place. For the borrower, however, exactly this fact can become a problem. Namely, when the credit is urgently needed, but the missing documents hinder the recording.

The situation can be very precarious if a payday loan without a proof of salary is to be taken up. For the banking companies, a matter that is not accepted and therefore requires a solution. Otherwise, there will be no credit because the banks will not give up their opinion on lending.

What can be done?

What can be done?

If the documents are lacking and therefore a cash credit without a proof of salary is to be sought, it is up to the borrower to make the best of the situation. Among other things, it would be conceivable that the loan would be taken up by means of account statements. These indicate the receipt of wages and are likely to be classified as sufficient by many banks and savings banks. In order to prove to the lending bank on top of that that the employment with the employer is firm nature, a copy of the employment contract can be additionally submitted. There is not only expressed in terms of a possible time limit, but the pay again named exactly.

If this is not the case or if this is not desired, it can be seen whether the payday loan without a proof of salary is taken up at the bank. This leads the current account of the prospective customer and therefore knows exactly what income and expenses are incurred each month. Even without the submission of documents, the bank can therefore decide very quickly whether a payday loan without proof of salary is possible or not.

The bank also offers another advantage that should not be ignored. Since a payday loan is desired, a payment of the money takes place. It is thus not transferred to the account. Despite this, the bank knows that the borrower has an account from which the monthly installments can be deducted.

The bank can set up a direct debit order quickly, without having to spend much effort. It will therefore be much easier to convince you of a payday loan than any other bank, which first has to check whether the specified account exists and is also suitable for the money transfer. This happens otherwise with the transfer of money from the loan. However, as this is a payday loan, this is no longer required.

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